Turkish Cooling Tower Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish cooling tower, Turkey cooling tower manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality cooling tower from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

FORM ENDUSTRI TESISLERI A.S.        Türkiye     Serap KORUN    
s chillers, heat pumps, cooling towers, air handling units, fancoils, computer room air conditionings, dehumidifications, smoke curtains, natural ventilation systems, evaporative coolers, cooling systems, coolers, natural lightings, lighting systems, farm cooling systems, greenhouse cooling systems, greenhouse heating systems, heating systems, eliminators, industrial drift eliminators, humidifiers, fans, light filters, heat exchangers, mist eliminators, chiller, heat pump, cooling tower, heat exchanger, cooler, air handling unit, lighting system, heating system, fan, humidifier, greenhouse heating system, cooling system, greenhouse cooling system, fancoil, smoke curtain, evaporative cooler, computer room air conditioning, dehumidification, natural ventilation system, natural lighting, farm cooling system, eliminator, industrial drift eliminator, light filter, mist eliminator
UZ-AR KIMYA SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Bülent UZLUK    
s water treatment chemicals, swimming pool chemicals, disinfectants, biocides, liquid chlorine, antiscalant, water treatment, scale and corrosion inhibitor chemicals, waste water treatment chemicals, precipitator, color corrector, metal chemicals, cosmetic chemicals, detergent chemicals, textile auxiliaries, cleaning acids, reverse osmosis systems, membrane, cleaner, antiscalant for reverse osmosis, boiler, boiler trearment chemicals, cooling tower, cooling tower chemicals, dispersant, antiscale, industrial cleaning chemicals, cleaning chemicals, textile chemicals, surface cleaning, heating and cooling systems, disinfectant, water treatment systems, pool chemicals, paper chemicals, pelletizer, chemical cleaning, waste water treatment systems, water conditioning system maintenance, water treatment system protection, chemicals for water treatment systems, chemicals for reverse osmosis system, osmosis chemicals, reverse osmosis chemicals, industrial maintenance chemicals, general chemical raw materials, ph adjuster, antifouling, precipitators, brighteners, alkalinity control, stiffness control, maintenance chemicals, chlorine, powder chlorine, winter care products, foot pool disinfectants, filter cleaning, grout cleaning, boiler chemicals, heating and cooling closed circuit, cooling water chemicals, chemicals geothermal systems, tap water chemicals, microbiological control chemicals, membrane cleaners, preservatives membrane, liquid ph adjusters, pools and pool equipment, ozonation systems, pool construction project contracting operations, pool maintenance, boiler cleaning, shock-care products, powder ph adjusters, industrial cleaning and maintenance chemicals, drinking water treatment chemicals
PUL-TECH FRP SAN. TIC. A.S.        Türkiye     Mehmet ÇAKIN    
s structural profiles, square tubes, u channels, i beams, angles, tubes, strips, rods, deck panels, custom profiles, gratings, cable trays, ladders, platforms, handrails, road side delineators, delineators, structural profile, square tube, u channel, i beam, angle, tube, strip, rod, deck panel, custom profile, grating, cable tray, ladder, platform, handrail, road side delineator, delineator, polyester tubes, polyester square tubes, pultruded gratings, molded gratings, fiberglass ladders, cooling tower, grp pipe, grp profile, frp, waste w, mouldings, composite systems, molded grating, pultruded grating, safety caged ladders, pultrusions, hand lay ups, polyester tube, polyester square tube, fiberglass ladder, safety caged ladder
CLASSIK COOLING TOWERS        Hindistan     Ramanan Subbiah Ramasamy Ramanan    
s cooling tower, cooling tower, cooling tower india, industrial cooling tower
CTP MUHENDISLIK        Türkiye     Vedat TEMİZ    
s construction type cooling tower, cooling tower, cooling tower filling material, frp cooling tower, grp cooling tower, package type cooling tower, pvc film type cooling tower filling material, splash type cooling tower filling material, wet cooling tower
IMAS KLIMA SOGUTMA A.S.        Türkiye     Mustafa Turan MUŞKARA    
s fan coil units, off circuit water cooling tower, nicotra - gebhardt fans, plug fans, brand water chillers, air conditioners, vince air conditioners, air cooled air conditioners, water cooled air conditioners, condensing units, cold storage devices, unit heaters, precision air conditioner, fancoil units, cooling tower, open cooling tower, closed cooling tower, closed type cooling tower, cooling, climate, open type cooling tower, water cooling tower, power plants, ventilation cells, air condittioners, package air conditioners, fan, heat pump, water chillers, chillers, chiller, precision air conditioners, unit heater, fancoil
ME-KOL MEKANIK YAPI LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Elif KOLCU    
s scrap cart cover, scrap cart covers, ark furnace panel, ark furnace panels, rolling plants, steel plants, steel construction, steel constructions, dust collecting plants, oxygen plants, rolling plant heating furnaces, heating furnaces, rolling plant, steel plant, dust collecting plant, oxygen plant, rolling plant heating furnace, heating furnace, plant pipelines, induction furnaces, dust collecting units, cooling towers, pressure vessels, pressure pipelines, carbon dioxide pipelines, pressure vessel, induction furnace, cooling tower, oxygen plant, retaining walls, cooling water pipelines, hydraulic pipelines, steel mill plant pipelines, rolling plant pipelines, furnace pipelines, rolling plant steel constructions, warehouse steel constructions, stock hallway steel constructions, air pipes, gas channels, vacuum unit pipelines, rolling plant machinery equipments, steel construction anchors, storehouse steel constructions, natural gas power plant pipelines, plant pipeline, dust collecting unit, pressure pipeline, carbon dioxide pipeline, cooling water pipeline, hydraulic pipeline, steel mill plant pipeline, rolling plant pipeline, furnace pipeline, rolling plant steel construction, warehouse steel construction, retaining wall, stock hallway steel construction, air pipe, gas channel, vacuum unit pipeline, rolling plant machinery equipment, steel construction anchor, storehouse steel construction, natural gas power plant pipeline
CHONGQING YUHUI KEYU MACHINE        Çin     Jacqueline Fu    
s float valve, water tank float valve, plastic float valve, mini float valve, air cooler, water dispenser, animal drink, irrigation, cooling tower
TORRAVAL COOLING        İspanya     fernando riaño    
s cooling towers, evaporative condensers, cooling tower, evaporative condenser
AYTEK SOGUTMA DIS TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     H. Burak ERALP    
s water cooling equipment, refrigeration systems, convectors, chilled water cooling, mold conditioner, mold conditioning equipment, cooling water, cooling tower, chiller cooling, heating and cooling systems, water cooling systems, cooling unit, chiller systems, heating and cooling systems chiller cooler, water cooled chiller, chiller cooling systems, temperature control systems, chillers, chiller, water cooling device brands, chiller cooling system, water cooled chiller
ISISO MEKATRONIK A.S.        Türkiye     Burcu CEBECİ    
s air conditioner, air conditioning, air-cooled, chiller, cleaning, climate, conditioner, conditioning, conservation, cooler, coolers, cooling, cooling tower, duct, fan, flake, freezer, freezer room, heating, immersion, prefabricated, pump, recovery, serpentine, split, ventilation, cooling systems, flake ice machine, flake ice machines, water cooling tower, air conditioning systems, water cooling towers, industrial cooling systems, modular cold rooms, cooling devices, fan coil units, water cooling towers, industrial cooling systems manufacturing, heat recovery units, mini chiller, industrial cooling package type, cooling air conditioning systems, mechatronic designs, freezer conservation rooms, prefabricated panel type cooling rooms, heating cooling ventilation devices, heating cooling climate equipments, accumulation chiller cooling, serpentine cooling, hybrid device, air cleaning devices, chiller cooling devices, small chiller unit coolers, water cooling tower-tubeaxial fan, water cooling tower-vacuum type, dry coolers, air conditioning plants, industrial chiller, fan coil systems, duct type air handling units, modular cold and freezer rooms, rooftop package air conditioners, air-cooled package type cooling unit, hot-cold air apparatus, cooling groups and head pump, chiller cooling accumulation, compact cooling package, split package cooler, immersion type serpentine cooling group, free cooling chillers, heat recovery devices, industrial cooling system, industrial coolings package type, cooling air conditioning system, mechatronic design, freezer conservation room, prefabricated panel type cooling room, heating cooling ventilation device, heating cooling climate equipment, accumulation chiller coolings, serpentine coolings, hybrid devices, cooling device, air cleaning device, chiller cooling device, small chiller unit cooler, water cooling towers-tubeaxial fan, water cooling towers-vacuum type, dry cooler, air conditioning plant, fan coil unit, fan coil system, heat recovery unit, duct type air handling unit, modular cold room, modular cold and freezer room, rooftop package air conditioner, air-cooled package type cooling units, hot-cold air equipment, cooling group and head pump, chiller coolings accumulation, compact cooling packages, split package coolers, immersion type serpentine cooling groups, free cooling chiller, mini chillers, heat recovery device, air conditioning system, industrial cooling package type, cooling air conditioning systems export, mechatronic designs, freezer conservation rooms, prefabricated panel type cooling rooms manufacturing, heating cooling ventilation devices export, heating cooling climate equipments, accumulation chiller cooling, serpentine cooling manufacturing, hybrid device, cooling devices export, air cleaning devices, chiller cooling devices, small chiller unit coolers manufacturing, water cooling tower-tubeaxial fan, water cooling tower-vacuum type export
s air conditioning unit, air cooled chiller, air handling unit, chiller, compressor, concrete cooling, cooler spare parts, coolers spare part, cooling system, cooling systems, cooling tower, panel air conditioner, water cooled chiller, water cooling tower, water cooled chiller, air cooled chiller, chillers, air cooled chillers, water cooled chillers, air-conditionings, water cooling towers, roof-top coolers, panel air conditioning, cooling spare parts, cooler spare parts, chiller spare parts, cooling compressors, compressors, concrete cooling systems, concrete coolers, methane gas coolers, cooling systems, cooling machines, coolers, chiller, air cooled chiller, water cooled chiller, air-conditioning, water cooling tower, roof-top cooler, panel air conditionings, cooling spare part, cooler spare part, chiller spare part, cooling compressor, compressor, concrete cooling system, concrete cooler, methane gas cooler, cooling system, cooling machine, cooler
BATUJEN JENARATOR        Türkiye         
s cogeneration systems, trigeneration systems, outdoor cogeneration system, cooling tower, building insulation, building isolation, sound proof chamber, sound absorber, silencer, fuel reservoir, fuel tank
CHT ELEKTRIK OTOMASYON VE MAKINA        Türkiye     Mehmet halil Dağcılar    
s cooling, electricity, automation, machine, chiller, cooling tunnel, aspirator, rooftop, hvac systems, humidifier, cooling tower, morg cabinets, refrigeration systems, refrigeration system
TURKOGLU MAKINA SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s cooling tower, exchanger
DEV AMBALAJ LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Mümin YALÇINKAYA    
s packing machine, packing machines, packaging machine, packaging machines, dough processing machine, bread machine, machine, cooling tower, fermentation tower, roll bread making machine, bakery machines, bakery equipments, baking machines, baking equipments, dough making machines, dough preparing machine, biscuit making machines, biscuit making equipments, brad packing machines, bread packing equipments, bread packaging machines, bread packaging equipments, bagel making machines, bagel production, baking equipment, cooling tunnel, bread production line, dough processing equipments, bakery machine, biscuit making machines, baking machine, bagel production machines, bread production machines, bread production equipments, turkish bagel making machines, turkish bagel production equipments, sandwich bread making machines, sandwich bread production machines, pastry making machines, pastry production machines, fermentation machines, bread conveyors, bread handling conveyors, handling conveyors, bread conveyor, bagel production line, turkish bagel production line, pastry productionb line, pastry making line, bagel making line, turkish bagel making line, baguette bread productgion machines, bagel packing machines, turkish bagel packing machines, bagel packaging machine, turkish bagel packaging equipments, pastry packing machine, pastry packing equipments
s laboratory air conditioner, panel room air conditioner, crane cab cooler, water chiller unit, heat pump heat recovery unit, air handling units, hygienic type air conditioner, pool dehumidification unit, heat recovery, cooling tower, fan coil, germination room, ripening systems, blast freezing, package type storage units, condensing unit, evaporator, central cold storage system, water chiller unit
2A KLIMA SOGUTMA ISITMA SIST. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s heat recovery system, exhaust heat recovery equipment, cooling tower, hydraulic system, fan coil unit, cooling, cooling system, unit cooler, air conditioning, air conditioner, air conditioning plant
BOSS MEKANIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Ebru Büyükokan    
s chiller, air handling unit, fan, cooling tower, heating, cooling, ventilation, hvac
NIBA SU SOGUTMA KULELERI SAN. VE TIC. A.S.        Türkiye         
s cooling, cooling tower